One Question

I’m going to ask you a question. I need you to answer it honestly.

What are you waiting for?

You have a goal, a dream, a vision for the future. You have been promising and promising yourself every New Year that this would be your year! This is the year for you to follow your dreams! This time you will achieve your goals!

But we aren’t promised the year. We aren’t given next week. We don’t have even tomorrow. We only have right now to live. We only have this day, this hour, this very second to breathe.

Besides all of that, how many of us have actually succeeded in following through with our New Year’s resolutions? I for one have already failed mine. Instead of showing hands, let’s look at cold hard facts.

According to Statistic Brain,

less than 45% of people fail to keep their resolutions each year; and only 58.4% of Americans actually maintain their New Year promises past the first month. (#2)

Keeping a promise to someone else is difficult, but to remain true when only yourself is on the line? That is the challenge. When agreeing to a commitment with another person, that person and his/her/their emotions tied into the promise is what keeps us grounded. To know, even on a subconscious level, that your word and reputation is dependent and tied up with a second party gives us incentive; we don’t want to let the person down, so we keep our promise. We know that if we break the agreement, this person will never trust us entirely. There will always be that elephant in the room. Oh, she promised me this but failed to come through. A broken promise is a broken trust, a rift in the relationship.

Keeping a promise to someone else is hard, but to remain true to yourself is the challenge.

So when we step outside of that safety net of a second party, when we make a promise only to ourselves, who do we have to disappoint? Ourselves. Who will take responsibility of the consequences of a broken pledge? Ourselves.

Will anyone gain?


Will anyone lose?

Only ourselves.

Does that bother us?

Probably not as much as it should. So if there are no serious consequences, what’s the harm? Where is the ‘bad thing’ about breaking a self-promise?

The answer? We lose the confidence and gain unhappiness. Then, to fill up the empty holes that a broken promise brings, we turn to modern medications.

But how – how in the world – can confidence and happiness be connected to my New Year’s Resolutions? I mean, it just seems kind of a stretch to make that link, dontcha’ think?


Think about the resolutions you’ve made, this year or last year or any year in the past. Think about what most people promise themselves at the beginning of each year. NBC News says that one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, to gain health, has acquired 62,776,640 online searches(#1)  –

“a 13.77% increase over last year during the same time period.”

Other common resolutions were becoming more organized, living to the fullest, learning new hobbies, making better financial decisions.

What do all of these things have in common? One word: betterment. Confidence. Happiness.

Okay, maybe three words.

Losing weight, getting organized, spending less money on frivolous things – they all play into a happier, healthier, overall better life, do they not? Losing weight will gain you health, give your brain more oxygen, get your body fit and feelin’ good! Spending less money will save you more for those big things you’ve always dreamed of; and organization helps you to plan your days, schedule those gym workouts, and keep your sanity in the midst of the craziness.

I don’t know about you, but personally getting healthier than I ever have been in my life was my biggest goal for this year. It still is, as a matter of fact! Time and time again this year I have failed to start and/or finish my goal. And it is only February.

Have I succeeded? No, I haven’t. Somehow I have still managed to maintain five extra pounds of baby weight through nearly the first year of my baby’s life. My goals for this year haven’t been achieved. I’m still making bad financial decisions (sometimes), I am not at my desired weight, my workout days are spotty if anything, and I am continuously striving to become a better mother. So no, my New Year’s resolutions have not yet been accomplished. Some haven’t even been started yet.

But I’m not letting that stop me. Just because right now isn’t January first, just because this moment isn’t the first hour of the first day of the first month of a new year doesn’t mean that I can’t restart my Resolutions!

3 Words: Happiness. Confidence. Betterment.

A very wise person once told me that he can travel through time because every day he is traveling through the future. That person is a six-year-old and his words could not have been more true. There really is no future, at least not one that we have been promised. Every day is a gift; we are allowed to wake up each morning, but we are only given the very second, the exact minute that we are currently living. The future is now, my friends. If you remember that one little thing, you will no longer have to answer the question ‘why wait?’ because you will be doing your goals, living your dreams, accomplishing your visions.

What are you waiting for?



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