Thursday’s Notes

Today’s day is Thursday. It is the 23rd day of the second month of the year 2017.

Today’s weather was sunny, cloudless, but with a cold wind.

Today’s goals were unmet.

Today’s progress was unmarked.

Today’s accomplishments were zero.

Today’s worries are the same as yesterday’s:

Money, food, schedules, laundry, money, wife failures, deployments, loneliness, money, pets, more laundry, disappointments, motherhood and parenting skills – or the lack thereof.

Today I can be thankful for the breath in my lungs, for my baby’s babbling, my husband’s job security and steady paychecks. I can be grateful for the honey roasted peanuts that I snack on throughout the day; a simple meal replacement, the conservation of food.

Today I enjoyed smiles and laughs with my daughter, baby talk, and The Wiggles. Today I had health and happiness and life.

Today’s date is Thursday, February 23rd, 2017.¬†Today’s struggles were difficult, frustrating, emotional to say the least. But today was full of little blessings – dotted here and there and everywhere. Weaved into the network of my day. For those blessings I am extremely thankful. Those blessings have made today’s struggles bearably minute.


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