Totally Blocked

Finding something to write about – something captivating, or at least a little interesting – can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I’m currently surrounded by families, couples, a soothingly splashing fountain, cyclists, culture, art, and beautiful architecture. And yet, I am completely stumped as to what my fingers should type out.

The world, particularly my current office, is providing me with so much information and beauty! And I cannot describe a single spot of it. Sure, I can throw a bunch of words together and perhaps they may form some type of coherent, intriguing picture of the park and people around me, but it won’t really be what I’m hoping for. It never is when I try to force it like this; I am dying to create something beautiful with my own ten fingers, but my brain simply will not cooperate.

Sometimes, being a blogger is hard work.

Sometimes, I think I totally suck at writing.

Sometimes, I really do.

Sometimes I just think that my blog will go yet another day without a single piece of new information.

But no matter how often those ‘sometimes’ come around, I am always willing to type myself through this writer’s block! I am always wanting to better my writing, to post on my blog, to share my tips, my day, my horrors, and my happy moments. Ever since I started blogging in November 2016 – and since I really started going at it a few weeks ago! – I have not once wanted to give this up.

This is my dream. This is my passion! It’s what I look forward to every day; to sit down somewhere, whether it’s in my office oasis at home or outside at a nearby park (with free Wi-Fi of course . . . almost always a must) and just write. Sometimes I don’t even care what I write about, because I know that all I really want to do, my one true goal, is to just write.

And so here I am, writing what is most likely nonsense and confusing to your sensible brain. But at least I’m here. At least I am writing.

Today I am thankful for the ability to write. I’m thankful for my computer – gifted to me for Christmas last year by a special someone. I’m grateful for the breath in my lungs, for a gorgeous, peaceful spot in which to tap out my thoughts, and for words to write. Because, hey, I could have woken up this morning completely paralyzed and unable to ever write again.

Even if it is just nonsense, I’m glad I can at least write.

What are you thankful for?


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