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Earlier this morning I was talking with a lady who works at the Mini NEX down the street from our house. We’ve chatted many times before; she’s cooed over Pepper Ann, worried about her stitches, and told me about her own sweet family. She’s a wonderful, wise woman who I am happy to call a buddy!

Today she asked me about the upcoming, second most procrastinated (in my house anyway . . . I’m very good at waiting until the last minute) national holiday.

Mother’s Day.

As we talked I realized something.

Sunday, May 14, 2017 will mark my second Mother’s Day!

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That tiny little fact hit me like a ton of bricks. A lightbulb blinked on in my head (more like my face, as I believe it is the facial features that light up when we figure something out) and all of a sudden I got super excited! Mother’s Day has always been held in high esteem in my own mind; every year I would have these elaborate plans to celebrate my wonderful mom, full of good intentions to surprise her with an English breakfast (scones and tea) complete with flowers and homemade cards and of course a completely clean house and no chores to speak of.

My plans were never fulfilled, at least not entirely. There were flowers and homemade cards, which I would rope the boys into helping me make the night before Mother’s Day (procrastinator, remember?) and I would try to get at least some of the housework done. But being a kid without a job and little to no money to my name kinda makes that whole fancy breakfast thing a little difficult.

Despite the lack of cash to fund a huge feast, we still enjoyed nice big lunches with the family, and I think my mom is pretty happy with the way her past Mother’s Days have turned out.

Now that I’ve been blessed with my own little crazy mess – also known as a kid – this particular holiday has turned into something more; to me, Mother’s Day is a celebration of moms.


But that’s a very basic description of the holiday. Today I realized that Sunday will be only my second year celebrating the day of mothers, and that means more to me than I initially thought. Over the course of my nearly fourteen months of motherhood, I have learned a great deal about myself.

#1 I have learned to practice patience. As a young adult the one thing I would always ask God for was “please, please grant me patience!” Eventually I discovered that the patience of Mother Teresa is less a wish granted and more of a skill practiced over time and with much practice. I have by no means reached Mother Teresa levels, but I would say I am able to endure a good many more trying situations than I ever have before.  

#2 I have gained incredible skill in ignoring the tiny tantrums and picking the battles that really matter. Seriously, my sweet baby girl is sometimes a hairy monster. Except without the hair, ‘cuz you know, she’s bald. She can scream and kick and throw things and hit and scratch and tell me no (she really is the sweetest!). Not only can she do all of those things, but she does! If we deny her what she wants. But you know what? Sometimes it’s better just to let her take all of the movies off the shelf. Sometimes it’s easier to let her throw her lunch to the dog, pull the pots and pans out of their cabinets, or even allow her to walk outside barefoot. *GASP!* There will always be another battle to fight, and something as simple as not wanting a bath one night will pale in comparison to this new and improved tantrum.

#3 I’ve learned to find joy in the messy house and dirty diapers. Yes, there can be happiness in a poopy butt; for instance, a stinky diaper is sign of a healthy baby functioning properly! Whenever I am faced with the sixth diaper change in two hours, or a totally wrecked living room that was just cleaned three seconds earlier, I talk to myself a little.

WARNING: Mentions of crazy lady about to ensue. Read at your own risk.

All I say to me, myself, and I is, “It’s okay. Pepper Ann is healthy, happy, safe, and loved. She may not understand it all, but she knows that we love her and will always be there for her. She’s so comfortable and satisfied that she destroys the living room and that. Is. O– (dear she is playing in the dog water . . . again) kay. She’s learning. She’s laughing. And she is about to throw her lunch at the wall – DON”T DO THAT!”

Motherhood, man. Eat your heart out. 😉

This Sunday will serve as a reminder of the great deeds I have accomplished in the past year – natural home birth baby! – and will hopefully remind me that hey, I’m actually a pretty decent mom.

I have some pretty epic failures, but I’m a good mama. I can handle this mothering gig. It’s not too hard!

By the end of the week I’m crying for some alone time in a bath that doesn’t include my one-year-old or my husband or the dog, but in the end I am thankful for everything. I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned through becoming a mother. I am glad to have grown as a woman and a person, to be more than ‘Just Maitlynn’.

Y’all, I am someone’s mother. I brought a new life into this world. I am raising a human being. Dude, I grew that human in my belly!

Being a mother or a daddy is the best thing in the world. A friend of mine once said that “motherhood isn’t something you understand… it’s something you feel.”

Girl, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ladies – Mamas, you are all doing an awesome job. If you think you aren’t, I encourage you to look at your kids. Look at the life you have created for them! Look at the things you’ve taught them and are still teaching them. Look at how much they love you. Watch their eyes light up and follow you when you walk into a room. Look at the way they smile every morning when they see you.

“How does such a tiny little girl make me so tired and so happy all at once? I guess motherhood isn’t something you understand … it’s something you feel.” ~Rachel

Your babies love you. Your babies are teaching you more than you know. I know there will be some rough patches in your mommy years, but just remember that you are your kiddos’ entire world.

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