Happy Mama Day!

Hello Readers & Hello Mamas!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Whether you’re a veteran mother with ten kids and over twenty years of experience, or a new mommy with one baby and less than two weeks with your child, I am speaking to you. I want you to hear this one thing, then I’ll shut up.

You are amazing! You’re totally awesome! There are ups and downs, lefts and rights, but gi-i-i-rl you’re handling things really well! Probably much better than I sometimes do. We all make mistakes and fall into those holes, but y’all are my superheroes. And guess what? You’re the superhero for your kids too. You really are. Moody teens, crazy middle-schoolers, fussy babies and all. They love you, Mama, and they look up to you on a daily basis. Not sometimes! Daily.

Congratulations, lady. You’re an awesome mama! Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Enjoy today and every day with your family.

My daughter is my world.
And we’ve been having fun ever since!
She officially entered my life only one year ago.











  I couldn’t have asked for a happier, easier baby!


I couldn’t imagine life without her.




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