The Nitty-Gritty

The Nitty-Gritty. The dirty stuff, the secrets, the truth behind the lies, the mysteries. Nitty-gritty doesn’t exactly bring forth a very sunshiny picture, does it? Apparently for some, *ahem-husband-cough* the term “nitty-gritty” implies something best saved for closed doors.

But, rest assured friend, this is not what I’m talking about. I don’t care to share my utmost private things any more than the rest of you do.

Nope, instead this page is all about me, myself, and I. That’s right folks, it’s an About Me page! I just figured, hey, I’m a little quirky, a little weird; why not name this page The Nitty-Gritty? It’s new, it’s strange, and it is definitely Just Maitlynn.

So who – or what – is Just Maitlynn? Who is the person behind the website title? What’s she like, what does she do, who does she see, where does she go? Is she just like me?

The short answer?

Yes. I am just like you. Not in every way, of course; I am after all a human being, and all people were created differently (I personally think it’s more amusing for God if His creations are all goofy, serious, dumb, or smart in their own ways). So, of course, I do enjoy all the human-y stuff; I am an avid movie watcher, devoted bookworm, complete superhero & Sci-Fi nerd, music listener (though not quite as saint-like in this area as my hubby), and Cholula lover. I enjoy hiking, camping, sightseeing, dancing (in my living room), making friends, and sometimes, on those rare days when I drink too much sweet tea, I have an almost too-bubbly personality.

Needless to say I wear many hats, take on numerous jobs, and am very fun to be around. 😉

I am, first and foremost, a wife to my hunk of a United States Sailor. Let’s call him Josh, cuz’ folks I’m here to tell you that is his name.

My handsome hunk

He’s got some interesting points of views, sometimes backwards ideas, a devastatingly gorgeous smile, a contagious laugh, beautiful eyes, and a personality one cannot ignore. He presents me with a challenge almost daily. I love him for it! Josh is exactly what I always prayed for in many, many ways; and, in many ways, he’s something I didn’t expect.

But he’s totally worth it!

Oh, and did you catch the ‘U.S. Sailor’ part? Yeah, he’s a Military man! Proudly & happily I wear the rings that signify myself bound to a Navy Sailor. The “hurry up and wait” of Military life is hard, but becoming a Military Wife was one of the best things that has happened to me.

Together, Josh and I created a beautiful, funny, smiley, cheerful baby girl. To our daughter I am many things: Mommy. Mother, Mama, Mom. This job provides me with more than one name and more than two dozen responsibilities.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My girl is so worth it!

Pepper Ann C. H. @ 2 months

Her name is Pepper Ann. We both love her so much; she has quickly become the joy and laughter we didn’t know we were missing in our lives. At the time of this writing (early January 2017) I haven’t yet posted her birth story, but I fully intend to do so! Partly because I myself want to remember it, and writing helps me to do that; also because the whole point of this blog is to share my thoughts, experiences, dreams, tips, and advice – even if you don’t want it.


So that’s me; a millennial, mother, wife, and a regular person, just like you.

No, this isn’t my entire story, but it’s the beginning. The quick facts, the short story.

And how better to finish the end of a beginning than with . . . . .

Just Maitlynn.