About Me

Oh man. The ‘About Me’ page. I have worked and reworked the information on this page so many times I wouldn’t recognize the very first format if you waved it in front of my face. Honestly, I’m terrible at writing this sort of thing, though I used to kid myself that I was good at it. This page is important to me, though; about the author is always one of the first links I click on in a new blog’s menu. I find it fascinating to see what writers think of themselves and how they word it.

But me?

Yeah, I suck at it. I should probably hire someone to write the summary of my life’s book and slap it here. But that would be too unoriginal for my taste. In fact, I may have just stumbled on a great idea for my ‘mini biography’. . .

Earlier today I had a sudden thought: What if I wrote my own obituary?

Seriously! What if I were to write my obituary so my kids can have it handy when I pass? What would I say about myself? How would it read? Would I be quirky and sarcastic as I am in life, or would I choose a more traditional eulogy with a solemn undertone?

The whole point of writing my obituary now – hopefully well before my death – is to avoid tradition and go with the quirky. So why not here and why not now?


Maitlynn R. Hoyle, known as ‘Just M’ to Starbucks Baristas in many of the States. My life began in September of 1995. I was the second of seven children born to my parents M and K.

Growing up I had mostly brothers; it wasn’t until I turned twenty-one years old that the sister I always wanted was born. Because I was the only girl with five male siblings, I grew up playing in the woods, imagining games with evils and battles, and enjoying a thrilling hunt of the man on moonless nights with my brothers and cousins, both of whom were boys, of course.

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. My reply to adults asking was always consistent:

“I want to be a mother first and foremost”, and then, if pressed for my backup plan, “I don’t know, an editor or something.”

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

This is us! The Hoyle Quad; Josh, Apollo Xavier, Maitlynn, & Pepper Ann.

I do know, though, that I have reached my supreme goal of motherhood! I am the proud mama of two babies – Pepper Ann and Apollo Xavier. I call them PAAX for short. I know! Cute, right?

Will I have more? Eh, I don’t want to say, “definitely not!” because we all know a definitive statement like that often comes around to bite us in the butt later. I am, however, perfectly happy with my two imperfectly perfect blessings. PAAX is my whole world; they are the smile in my day, the happiness in my parenthood.

I certainly cannot say that I’m a perfect mother though, nor are they the perfect children, and neither are we a perfect family. We all four are humans and as such we have our flaws and our sins. But we’re family, so I like to think that we work through them together.

The man in our home is my husband, Josh. He’s my handsome Sailor Man. He joined the U.S. Navy in 2016, three months before our daughter was birthed into the world. Currently the plan is to retire from the Military, something I find kind of ironic. You see, as a child and young teen I always told myself that I never wanted to marry a Military man. (Hmm, what was that about definitive phrases coming to bite me in the butt?) This decision was not made from disrespect or dislike for Military members, I simply never saw myself as the wife who could stay behind for months on end raising the kids without her other half. I always assumed that I never had the guts and strength to be that woman.

Turns out, I am that strong! At least, some days.

It also turns out that I really, really, really love being a Military family. I enjoy the job

security of course, but my favorite part is probably the adventure. I always asked God to “give me a

man who can add some adventure to my life.” Well, marriage with Josh is an adventure for sure, as is the uncertainty of where we will be living come 2022. I enjoy it, though, and though I may complain and cry sometimes, in truth I think my life is quite grand!

I’m blessed with a husband and two happy kids. I have my dog, Prue, and my blog, Just Maitlynn. Back at ‘home base’ in Florida I’ve got a supportive family unit to turn to if and whenever I need them. I have a small handful of trustworthy, lifelong friends. My husband has a secure job. We aren’t sinking financially anymore; we’ve gained smarter financial heads due to stupid experiences.

Yeah, I can say that my life is great. Not perfect, but really, really great. I can say that I love it.

I can also say that I am still horrible at writing an ‘about me’ page.

Even with an obituary slant. 😉