I’ve always had big dreams, even in my awkward kid years. And yes, I dreamt of the girly things, too! I may have been a lanky tomboy who grew up with four brothers (I now have five brothers and one baby sister) and only one girl BFF, but let’s face the facts folks:

I was still a girly-girl at heart . . . . sometimes.

I had the normal daydreams about my future husband and what he would look like; I would imagine my beautiful white wedding, with gorgeous grown-up me walking down the rose petal aisle. I dreamt of the twelve kids I would naturally birth, of the house we would all live in – I even picked out a plot of land in my Florida hometown! Of course, it had plenty of pine trees and acreage for my kids and pets to run around on.

I had many dreams for such a skinny little kid, but as I got older most of them changed and grew, or completely disappeared; that’s just the way dreams are.

But some hopes and wishes continued to float around my life, never quite going away, but instead popping in and out every now and again to remind me of what I wanted. Some of them I have actually achieved, and others I’m still working on.

One dream, though, that has stuck around for years and years, is this blog. I was always able to envision myself, sitting at my desk in a quiet room – I like to think of it as my little oasis – with plenty of light and office gadgets, and, most importantly, my fingers typing at the computer keyboard.

Blogging. Writing. Sharing something that maybe will make others smile, or laugh, or help them through their day. Offering advice and tips and funny quips for my readers. Reaching others, talking with them, and being a hodge-podge of different things for different people – a helper here, a friend there, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on.

I’ve always wanted to build my own blog, to have an internet presence. And if I’m being truthful with myself and with you (which is my goal here, to be painfully honest with my readers and with myself) maybe even become popular!

I know that last part is a little out there and naïve and childish; call me ridiculous for it, but isn’t that what a lot of people want? Fame? Or at least for a few thousand hundred (I’ll be modest) people to know your name!

That isn’t the goal here, though. It really isn’t! Trust me. I want more than just personal benefits. I want more than to be an internet personality, a well-known name amongst even the movie stars.

The truth is, I just want to be me. I just want to be the sweet, helpful, maybe somewhat shy, but fun loving gal, because that is what I am. It’s who I am! I’m the girl that has a smile for everyone; the girl who loved working as a minimum wage waitress because of the opportunity to serve others and make them happy. I enjoy being the one that friends will go to for a listening ear, or the girl who loves to have fun, the girl who always sees the light in even the darkest of circumstances.

People in businesses have something they call a ‘brand’. Christy Wright, a Ramsey Personality and one of my favorite authors and business-women, defines branding as “a reflection of who you are.”

I thought about this for several days, understanding the definition but perplexed as to what my brand could possibly be. I was just me – an average girl living an average life in an average town. How could I brand myself? How could I come up with something unique to me and who I am? What was my brand?

Branding is a reflection of who you are . . . [it’s] more than graphics.

What are you about? Who are you? What do you represent? –Christy Wright

I finally came up with something that was totally me. It took me a while, but the point is that I did it!

And then I shared it with my husband. He was supportive, but he didn’t quite agree with the brand I had come up with. You see, for years I’ve always thought of myself as that ‘girl next door’ who everybody knows and loves. But Josh (aka hubby) disagrees, and since he knows me pretty well, I listened to what he had to say. So, together, he and I tweaked my brand just a little.

It’s crazy, but what he said was totally true! I’m not the girl next door.

I’m Maitlynn! Just Maitlynn.

I’m a hodge-podge of different things. That is my brand & this is my life. 

I am a millennial. I am married to a U.S. Navy Sailor. I am a mother to a silly little girl (just one for the time being). I am a new-in-town country Florida girl, recently moved to the big city of San Diego. I’m funny, quirky, different, normal, sane, and mental. I like to think of myself as a friend for the young and the new, and my blog is a place for the new-in-towners, the millennials, the military spouses, the newbie wives – for moms and for you.

I am a hodge-podge of different things, and I think most people are, too. I try to live my crazy life in as brutally honest a way as I humanly can; because let’s face it, the truths in life can be painful sometimes.